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4 Tips to Solve Comparison Of Quantity Questions

4 Tips to Solve Comparison Of Quantity Questions

One of the famous sections in numerical ability is the Comparison Of Quantity. There are many competitive exams having such sections which deal with quantitative comparison questions. So, those who are clear with its basics, have an excellent advantage to solve these questions. However, for few aspirants, it seems a daunting task to solve.

Thus, they need proper guidance and a proper pathway to reach their destination. Here, we have brought a few effective tips that help in solving such kinds of questions. Follow them seriously and gain an academic advantage. Read on.

Tricks to know: How to solve Comparison Of Quantity Questions

1. Find out efficient solutions quickly

There would be a set of equations with variable quantities. Hence, solve in minimum and time and compare the data. Sometimes, it will come in the fractional form. So, in that case, solve the fractional value and take the approximate value of the final answer. It is not always that you will get the round figure answers.

No doubt, there is less time to solve these questions. Hence, keep an eye on taking the appropriate approach. Find the correct answer and compare both values and draw the conclusion. However, if you are stuck on any of such questions, stop solving after half an attempt. Skip to the next one and when there is free time, utilize those seconds in solving pending questions.

2. Keep the proper attention

Do not be overconfident that you know everything. Sometimes this overconfidence will put your hard efforts into vain. Why so? It is because you will follow the wrong solving approach and land up solving inappropriate answers. This is where you lose precious marks. Hence, keep an eye on every step that you are solving.

Stop and start from the first step whenever you are feeling doubt. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same approach in every question. Only follow this tip when you witness a complicated question. There are many students who do not pay attention while solving and blindly write the answer. As a result, they do not get the desired outcome from the final conclusion after data comparison. Besides, this approach is not limited to these questions; follow the same in every set of the examination.

3. Not use the calculator

Unlike other mathematical questions like simple bar graph queries, aspirants have the habit of using a normal calculator for solving and calculating values. But do not follow the same habit in quantity comparison. It is because mind calculation is more required. Take a pen or pencil and start solving questions on a sheet of paper.

However, there are certain examinations like GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), which are conducted through digital medium. Hence, in such examinations, digital calculators are available, which reduces the chance of candidates’ distraction. Also, have good calculation skills before encountering such questions. Strong mathematical knowledge reduces the solving time, and candidates can easily compete for the paper on time.

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4. Solving is the best approach

Although we stated that mind calculation is necessary, few parts of the calculation are equally essential. Therefore, do some calculations on the piece of paper as well. It is the best and effective method to get the right solution. And if you have the right solution, no one can snatch your good grades or scores.

Do some maths and use mathematical formulas to execute the right plan.  After getting the answer of both quantities, compare it and draw a conclusion. Finally, these were those few effective tips that will fetch you good scores in comparison questions. Follow them thoroughly to come up with the flying colours.

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