Differentiate between bone and cartilage.

Differentiate between bone and cartilage.

Osteoblasts make up bone and chondrocytes make up cartilage. So by the time you have cells that have differentiated into osteoblasts, it is too late for them to start making cartilage.

If you want to find a genetic link between osteoblasts and cartilage-producing cells, you have to start with less differentiated (more pluripotent stem cells) or attempt to induce pluripotency through some complex science witchcraft.

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Difference between bone and cartilage –

Difference –

  • It hardens. Its matrix is ​​made up of osin protein. Hardness results from the accumulation of carbonates and phosphates of calcium and magnesium in the matrix.
  • Bone cells (osteoblasts) are arranged in concentric rings.
  • Microscopic tubules (canaliculi) are found in the bone.

cartilage –

  • It is flexible. Its matrix is ​​made up of chondrin proteins
  • Cartilage cells (chondrioblasts) are scattered randomly in the matrix.
  • Microscopic tubules are absent in cartilage.

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