FORMAL Letters

1-Types of Formal Letter The formal letter is of various types and is used in all organizations (Government or Private) as a means of communication. Formal letters are used for internal as well as external communication. The types of formal letters are mentioned below. Letter of Enquiry Order Letter Letter of Complaint Reply to a […]


1-Summary of A Tiger in the Zoo Students will learn the A Tiger in the Zoo summary in an easy way. The poet is Leslie Norris.  The poem is about a tiger that is very beautiful and is walking in his little cage. He is having beautiful stripes on his skin and has velvet-like soft […]


1-LETTER WRITING Exchanging letters through posts has taken a back seat with the advent of modern technology, but the style of communicating through letters still persists in the form of emails.  Table of Contents1-LETTER WRITING2-Letter Writing In Competitive ExamsTypes Of Letter WritingMoreover, letter writing is an important part of various competitive exams as well. Candidates […]